Welcome to The Actual Reality Arcade, a life sized interactive game zone for all ages inspired by 10 classic arcade games where YOU bring the games to life.

Pilot spaceships, dodge barrels, build Tetris walls, fire rockets, shoot alien invaders and become Pac-Man.

Since the arcade opened in May 2017 it has toured Festivals and events all over England and has been a massive hit with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Mixing interactive fun and laughter with physical play and engagement, whilst also bringing back nostalgic memories and giving opportunities for new happy ones, it has proved hugely popular with players and audiences wherever it has been.

Enter the arcade and play for real!


2020 UPDATE …

Sadly, due to Covid 19, the Actual Reality Arcade (like many other things) is currently in lockdown and it is uncertain when it will be able to return to entertain the public.

Hopefully we can work out a way to come back and make it safe for everyone to enjoy again in the future.